London Cremation Services now offers Aftercare Program. Our estate trustee checklist will help you get organized in settling the estate, our resources will  make many tasks easier in settling the estate, reduce the time in settling the estate and save the estate money.

General Outline of the Aftercare Process

Completing government application forms for the following:

  • CPP death benefit
  • CPP survivor’s benefit for both spouse and children
  • OAS supplement for survivors

Providing cancellation forms or initiating the cancellation of the following:

  • CPP and OAS pensions
  • Health cards
  • SIN cards
  • Driver’s licenses, license plates and vehicle transfer

Offer advice on the process required to settle an estate in regards to:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investments both registered and non-registered
  • Taxes property and chattel ownership
  • Life insurance claims
  • Executor’s duties and fees
  • When a lawyer or other expert is required
  • Sample Proposed Distribution of the estate
  • The probate process

Advice on the process required to normalise the life of a surviving spouse in regards to:

  • Updating the household bills
  • The ongoing household incomes

Every family we help has a unique estate and treated as such. Our estate trustee checklist will outline the trustees responsibilities. With every estate there are new questions to answer. If we have not dealt with the issue and do not know the answer we will endeavour to find a solution.